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About Us


A manufacturer of RF wireless products, SunRise-Tech guarantees the highest quality and the shortest order-to-shipment time in the industry. We are committed to creating long lasting customer partnerships and working with you to provide total solutions to your challenges.



1. Antennas (GPS, GSM, UMTS, CDMA, WiFi, DVB-T, WiMax, LTE, MIMO, Yagi etc.)
2. RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies
(RG Series, LMR Series, Hirose U.FL, H.FL, W.FL, IPEX etc.)
3. RF Coaxial Connectors
(2.4mm, 2.92mm, 7/16, BNC, Fakra, MMCX, N, SMA, SMB, SMC, SMP, TNC, UHF etc.)
4. Lightning Protectors (Gas Tube, 1/4 Wavelength etc.)
5. Other Components (
Termination, Splitter, Coupler, Attenuator etc.)


Our Warranty

All our products are ROHS and WEEE compliant, and 100% tested. For antennas and cable assembly, our quality guarantee includes Insertion Loss, Return Loss (VSWR), Gain, and PIM.
We can customize military-standard (i.e., high-frequency) products according to customers requirement.

We deliver regular products within 7 days and customized connectors within 2 weeks.

Customized Pricing Solution
We offer the best pricing solution that meets both your performance and cost requirements. Based on your needs, our consulting service will help you find products with the right combination of quality and price that give you optimum performance and fit your budget.

Sample Support: We provide free samples of regular products for your testing.
Quick Reply: Our sales team will reply to your inquiry or question within 24 hours.
Customized Projects: We will open moulds for special-order antennas, RF connectors, and cable assembly.


Product Design and Engineering
Our R&D team has wide experiences in design and production. Whether you have a rough concept or detailed description of your project, our knowledgeable engineers will work out the most economic design that meets your needs.


Business Philosophy

Trust and Loyalty
Customer Satisfaction
Continuous Striving to Be Better!


Our mission is to support our customers success by providing high quality products, helping them reduce costs, and offering prompt response and on-time delivery.

Tel: +86-755-83324735
Fax: +86-755-83324732
E-Mail: sales@sunrise-tech.hk
Address : Building 3, Zhong Liang Jin Yun, Liutang Road, Bao`an 78 dis., Shenzhen, China